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Fête de Yemanjá, culture brésilienne, Bahia, Clarice Cajueiro, Cours de Portugais Brésilien

Fête de Yemanjá

Photos by Clarice Cajueiro here

private online or in Salvador

Learn Portuguese online with a native Brazilian teacher (or book your lessons to be done in Salvador, Bahia)

Private Brazilian Portuguese lessons online that focus mainly on conversational Portuguese which is authentic and covers interesting material: articles, videos, music and just a little bit of grammar exercises to do at home.

We prepare you for the CELPE-BRAS exam.

Write to us here to find out more information!

Apprendre le Portugais Brésilien - Speak Portuguese - Brésil Pluriel

about the teacher

Clarice Cajueiro has been teaching languages since she was 18 years old, having taught at OECD, at the Université de Créteil in France and at the Alliance Française.

Her Portuguese classes are dynamic and spontaneous. She is passionate about many things such as: art, photography, music and most all her country's culture. She seeks to share her passion and knowledge of Portuguese and Brazil whilst having a good time with her students.

Her CV


some students comments: 

here, here, here & here

Nature au Brésil, plage brésilienne, Manuela Cavadas, Cours de Portugais Brésilien Brésil Pluriel

Photo by Manuela Cavadas here

La professeur Clarice Cajueiro
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